Gemak is establishing turn-key lines, process equipment, engineering and R&D solutions for liquid food products such as fruit juice, fruit nectar, fruit-flavored drinks, soup, tomato, baby food, fruit products, baby food, oil, egg, honey, sauces, soya and almond milk.

The packaged food industry is going through a big transformation in recent years. Driving factor is the increasing consumer demand for a natural and healthy diet. The competition among the manufacturers to create a new product is fiercer than ever as the customers are very selective in their purchases. New products require special processing equipment with innovative engineering solutions and R&D Technology. Our engineers make sure the product loss is minimized along the line for all applications. Unrivaled know-how, use of high-quality material and automized workmanship separate us from the rest.

We design fruit processing lines and plants that capture the aroma, freshness and natural color while transforming to juice. Considering the number of varieties and options in the beverage production; with or without particles, flavors, still or carbonated it is of great importance to have an expert solution partner. Our engineers make sure the product loss is minimized along the line. Unrivaled know-how, use of high-quality material and craftsmanship separate us from the rest. 

We provide a full range of food processing solutions customized for special needs and capacity requirements. Among our customers are big scale multinational corporations as well as small to medium-sized family operations. Each and every project delivered is built on our customers’ vision, demands, budget, growth plans and of course dreams. All of our expert services from project management to engineering and start-up are always provided with the same commitment and quality whether it is a turn-key plant or a stand-alone machine. We make sure you have a high return on your investment by a comprehensive range after-sales services; periodic maintenance packages, spare parts, and technical support. What makes us unique in the market is that these services, including automation, renovation and installation are all performed by our own teams.